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Be The Alpha is a t-shirt brand created by a native New Yorker and adventure seeker, Steve Grod.  Both a Brazilian Jiujitsu practitioner and a avid hiker, he has pursued the art of Jiujitsu in Japan and summited many high peaks, from Mt. Fuji in Japan to many of the high peaks of the Himalayas, including a two-week sojourn to Mt. Everest base camp in Nepal.

Steve Grod has always believed that life is meant to be enjoyed and experienced, to the fullest.  He always felt that many people are not truly LIVING; they are merely existing.  He believes in creating his own destiny and inventing his own future.

The Be The Alpha brand represents a re-definition of what it means to Be The Alpha.  Real Alphas embody a quiet confidence and not afraid to question the status quo.  They stay true to themselves and celebrate authenticity and individuality.



“An alpha walks with a quiet confidence that commands respect.  He blazes his own path in life and creates his own strong reality.”

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